Loser I wouldn’t bring religion into this, only you can make a decision to stop ultimately, open yourself new bank accout put the money in and cut the card, buy gold or shares so you don’t lose all your money, I remember praying last year in May after a big £4000 loss and that didn’t help I lost total control and lost another £8000 ($10.000). Then I quit for some time and still had few smaller losses but on 1st of August I had enough and opened myself a bank account with limits and that’s where I get paid I still had around 4k left so used that for food and living and didn’t touch my wages for many months now i save about 70% of my income worked crazy hours at night and now all the losses are gone took me almost a year.
Now I won’t start this shit again, f*** gambling! I did have few big wins you remember back in December of just initial £30 but it was all gone within couple of losing sessions in January and March then i still kept fighting 5 weeks ago I won £2k out of £70 then a week later I lost all of that £2k that was 4 weeks ago and i
didn’t have a bet. the end is always the same with us gamblers we lose and no matter how much you win it will be lost quickly so that’s why its not worth to even try and win, gambling is a waste of time and money and you will lose your sanity, I too remember my head spin 4 weeks ago and didn’t want to gamble because I was losing spin after spin the last £1000 I was doing £40 spins and didn’t even won once f*** that!
Hope you have a deep thought and determine yourself to quit gambling for good, remember nothing good will come if you keep gambling.

Loser (God's child)

Forgive me Father for I have sinned……
I did not take advice from your disciples Joanne, Kate, Jane and Mat but instead I went to the casino to play the devilish game’s in order to win back some money.
I only played $400 until I grew tiresome and started to bet high. I then withdrew another $1000 and lost that betting ridiculously within 90 minutes. I didn’t even want to play I was so tired my head was spinning but I wanted to win back some money. Instead I got a slap in the face and a grandma laughing at me for betting 1 credit when the feature decides to come more than once. Whist I had $300 left I wanted to leave but the devil tied me down physically and mentally to the chair until I got a slight release from the devil’s grip and ran out with $45. I wanted to give my dogs a treat considering I haven’t treated them well the past 48 hour’s leaving them alone and not walking them. What kind of person am I? I should stay with my dogs for when you spell DOG backwards you get GOD. So I am going to stay with you GOD and together we will count the day’s.
I will wear my cross as well starting tomorrow and pray that the devil will release it’s hold on me whilst it comes to gambling.
Walk with me step by step
Pray with me in the morning
Give me hope and strength to stop sounding like a parrot saying, “Day 1 today”
for I have had so many Day one’s the past year.
Let me reach triple digit’s and beyond.
Give me strength, hope and courage to never sin again

I will not come to confess for a while now……………..


Loser, we are all here for you. I wear two rings on my finger. One says courage, the other says belief. I pray for courage to stay strong and belief for the faith that things will get better.

I know that at times God has given me strength and I know that I can get through this. I do have faith and I know that having faith has served me well. It brings me an inner peace that money can never provide. I do not go to church, because although I am Catholic, I believe that God is everywhere. I still pray and I try to live a good life. I did not like the hypocrisy I seen within the Church and with the system, so I stopped going, but I did not lose my faith. The church needs to move a little more with the times and not frown upon those who need it the most. God made man, mad made religion, and both man and religion is responsible for so much chaos in the world.

After all, if you believe the bible, then Jesus spent his life taking care of the lowly people, he defended the prostitutes, the beggars and the sinners. He did not spend his time with the righteous, but with those who needed his time the most. He believed that everyone can be good and anyone can change. He did not drink from fancy gold cups and wear fancy gowns when he did his sermon like the priests do. I don’t think living a good life is confined to just turning up to mass for 45 minutes a week, just so everyone can see what a good member of the community you are. When I pray, it is for God’s glory, not for mine, so why not pray in private? All the church goers have fancy cars, and big, fancy houses and it is easy to have God in your life when life is good. I have seen members of the church frown upon the homeless, the needy and the poor. They lack tolerance and acceptance, yet that is what being a Christian is all about. I could not attend Communion because I was taking contraception…..Their views are not in keeping with today. Taking contraception does not make a bad person. It makes me responsible.

If the Church is for everyone, why is the Vatican behind walls. How can the head of the Church relate to ordinary people and their needs when he lives in a bubble. Was that not why Jesus came to walk among us, so God could understand the weakness of man? How can you set the rules on how others should live, when you don’t have to live by them?
I have gone without food, electricity and all sorts because of this addiction, I have punished myself and my family for years, yet still, I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Strangely, I felt closer to my faith, the more I strayed. I choose to believe that at these times, I felt closer to my faith, because it is at those times when the spirit is willing to reach out. At other times, life can be too busy and faith takes a back seat to all the madness in your life.

I remember a little line from my studies about the bible. You say you want to stop sounding like a parrot, saying day 1 all the time….well the line reads, ‘God loves a trier’.

Don’t despair. Tomorrow is a whole new day. Use it wisely.


That’s a good idea, Joanne. I will do that. I know how twitchy I get knowing there’s money in the account. The worse thing is, Joanne, they are holding on to the lot, not just the winnings, including the money I deposited to play with in the first place, (which was meant to be some for rent). I asked them if they could at least pay out my deposit but it seems the answer is no. The 1st of the month coming up, I’ve won some money and yet I am going to struggle to pay my bills! That’s ironic!

I’ve had to go get a passport pic took for a bloody age card because my other ID, like you said, is not an acceptable form of ID. I’ve got 8 credit cards and 2 bank loans for goodness sake! It’s all just excuses so you can go lose the lot in the meantime.

It seems you don’t have to be over 18 to gamble, Joanne. You just have to be over 18 to win.

Thanks for the good advice.

x Hang in there Loser, you’ll come back stronger.


Loser that’s no good, I thought you will not gamble, exclude yourself or cut your card, try not lose your money and trust me if you keep gambling you will, once you start trying to win what you lost its all gone before you know it, machines are rigged and croupier will make sure you lose they are nasty little shits they know how to spin the ball to avoid your bets.
When you lose any money its not ‘only’ any loss is bad for a compulsive gambler I remember starting buying scratchcards and then the whole pack then few hours later I was doing £50 spins on a machine back in February 2015 after almost 2 year break.
Why should you give them any money $10.000 is a lot of money why give it to parasite gambling companies? you know what they should get, a brick to the face or windows not peoples hard earned money.


I relapsed too, Mat. Relapse is relapse whether you win or whether you lose. Also, we have to remember that these people are just doing a job. The industry is very warped and very one sided, and I know you are passionate about this. The way they conduct their business frustrates me too, but no one ever deserves a brick to the face. No one makes us gamble except ourselves. Our anger and frustration can be put to much better use if we turn our attention towards ourselves and make change happen. What’s the point in being angry with ourselves for gambling when we know full well that we will lose in the long run?

All I’ve done is unsettle myself with a win. I can’t even withdraw it till I obtain proof of identity and now I’m short for rent. They won’t accept anything I have for proof, so I have had to send off for some documents and now I have to wait while my money is held up.
I haven’t told my partner this time, but I think I will. I need to be honest to stay on top of this. Even though I haven’t lost money, it’s still important that we do this together and that I don’t keep things from him, because if I do, then I am only lessening my chances of getting out of this mess.
I hope you continue to stay gamble free, and remember if you feel this strong about the industry, then you can use this to your own advantage and keep your money where it belongs.
All the best, Mat.


Jane a plumber is doing a job, builder, postman, doctor, cook these gambling companies are nothing but parasites, its like saying a drug dealer does a job, some customers use drugs for fun don’t they?
Bookies in the UK or online casinos do nothing except suck money from everybody and ruin peoples lives many countries including all Islamic ones would never allow this to happen, gambling is evil because it does damage quickly and no one can see the symptoms.
You have lost (been conned out of) £40k that’s a lot of money, my parents worked all their life and never managed to save that kind of money, in some countres you can buy a house for that money and still have money left. I just saw your post and didn’t know you relapsed, you still go to these crappy online websites I cant believe, scroll back to your past comments all this effort only to gamble again, do you want to keep gambling forever and lose £1000s in minutes with silly clicking of mouse on a computer?
Believe me these websites are a scam, they will do anything to keep your money incl. prove you are 18 tactic
well you didn’t have to prove when you gave them money did you.


My relapse was not about trying to win back losses or anything like that. It was just for release. I can feel the pressure build and I had to vent. I chose to gamble. It wasn’t even an urge as such. I just wanted to. I could have stopped myself, but I limited the amount I was going to risk and made the decision to go ahead. I was willing to accept that I could lose. Gambling is the way that I have taught myself to release tension. I am trying each day, to find new, more positive ways to lift my mood, but it is hard because of the other issues I have going on.

I did not lose this time, but I still feel empty and troubled. I have gambled 3 times out of 233 days. Once on the 6th Nov, the 6th of May and yesterday. That’s 230 days gamble free. They may not all be in a row, but that is still a lot of days gamble free. I am very proud of that achievement because I used to gamble each and every day, where possible, so I am not going to beat myself up about relapsing.

Progress is an ongoing thing, not an overnight thing. I feel as though I can choose whether or not to gamble now, where before, I felt out of control. I have been working very hard to change the way I feel about my addiction and I believe in time, I will be able to leave it well and truly alone.

Take care, Mat and stay well.



I had a similar experience when I joined Boyle Sports. I signed up with them and tried to withdraw winnings.
Like you, they returned my withdrawal back into my account demanding age verification documentation. I submitted the documents they requested but they kept coming up with endless excuses about them not being adequate . Eventually after 4 days I cracked and played back the winnings and lost! Within one hour of losing the money they sent me an email advising me that my documents were adequate and apologising for any inconvenience caused. They are a shower of shit!

If you want to hold onto your winnings, go back into your account and place a time-out on your account , that way you will not be able to play back your winnings and you’ll out-smart Boyle- Sports! Once they’ve verified your documents just ask for your winnings to be paid out to you via live-chat/email! Of course make sure you’ve met the wagering requirements.

I have done this with other casinos/bookies and have had no problem getting paid out. I withdraw my winnings, place time-outs or even better self-exclusions on my account immediately after withdrawing , keep a written record of my winnings etc and negotiate with them through live-chat/email and like I’ve said I’ve gotten paid out in the end.

If I recall and I’m not 100 % sure I think Boyle-sports still lets you access your account even if you’ve place a time-out.



I don’t think you’ve been an embarrassment I think you’ve been a huge SUCCESS! You’ve been gamble free for 99 days and 56 days this year alone, added together that makes 155 days gamble-free! You’ve only slipped up a couple of times, in April and yesterday. Over a 6 month period you’ve only lost around 2,500 pounds sterling! Some of us have lost more than that in one gambling session !

Please don’t go , you’re an absolute joy on the forum ………….. Joanne


You’re in good company, Loser, I’ve gone too. Didn’t lose, but will do eventually so it’s only gambling credits as we say here in the game.
Like you, I don’t really know how to feel. I guess I missed the distraction of the city and the bright lights, it took my mind off of everything and when I got back home, it was like ‘same old, same old’.
I guess, like Kate says, it’s sometimes about damage limitation. I got the lift I was looking for, but I still feel low, so don’t really understand what to make of my head right now.
I always know it’s coming and I did this time too, I guess getting some money back from the companies, earlier in the month, was a bit of a curse. It was BoyleSports that I bet with…(got the notion while trekking round Dublin) and I knew I hadn’t bet with them before, so I had it on my mind all the way back on the ferry, as I said to Kate in an earlier post. I saw a green light and went for it.
I kept saying to myself that I had something to play with given that I was technically already up by having been given some money back for breach of agreement, earlier. I mean, how stupid is that, given that I am down £43,000 through gambling, and I get a few hundred and consider myself a winner?
This is messed up, isn’t it?

I had a chat with them at Boylesports, because they cancelled my withdrawal because they can’t prove I am 18. They let me deposit with my bank card, and play, but I can’t walk out with anything unless I provide them with a whole heap of documents, (which were not, it seems, necessary to bet in the first place.) They bounced the money right back to my balance, so that won’t be easy to hold on to.
They said ‘we are a responsible company and as such we verify the age of each individual to make sure they are over 18′. ‘If we don’t do this, we could lose our licence.’ However, you only have to go through this process if you are lucky enough to get something off of them. How is that being a responsible company? It’s equivalent to opening the door to the casino, letting you lose all your money gambling, and they’ll look the other way, provided you’re not wanting to walk out with any.

Anybody under 18 could deposit, get hooked on the games, lose a load of money in the process and they won’t question it whatsoever.
She said to me, on live chat, that they put a restriction on your account if you have not sent in proof of age, but guess what, she followed it with, ‘but you can still deposit and play, but you can’t withdraw’!

They are not preventing minors from gambling, they are preventing you from gambling and winning.

Going to do myself a nice snack. I feel some fried chicken coming on…..


It’s 1:17am here and I just got home from the casino, yes I relapsed what’s new? I was feeling so down no amount of food could lift my spirit but the thought of a night at the casino instantly did. I lost around $870, in fact I actually was up about $550 – $600 at the start however I wanted to play and I hate winning right at the start. Anyway managed to lose most of it until I actually won again up to $600 but my brain was telling me to win all my money back and low and behold I left with the usual $0. I don’t know how I feel right now, I actually feel nothing and dred in the morning that low feeling and knowing I have to restart counting my days. I think what’s most annoying is the fact that I said I would never touch money coming in from investments and thats exactly what i did so this is very frustrating and I am disappointed in myself for doing this as I feel this could become a pattern.
I have decided to lift the self exclusion from the casino, what’s the point I go anyway and no-one tells me to leave. Besides if I had a casino card I would get free parking and free meals with my spend and most of all I could also get a cheque for any winnings, which would help me not to spend as much there. Its a bit frustrating I have to get doctor’s to sign the form blah blah and I also hope it doesn’t encourage me to go. I most likely will return to the casino to try and win back some money so I won’t be restarting counting my days just yet. I also am going to put more emphasis on trying not to blow more than $10,000 on gambling this year. So far I am at $4225 loss.
I hope you all keep going and reach your 100 days, I have been on this site about a year now and cannot reach 100 days lol what a embarrassment!
Anyway no point in hanging around I will return when I have notched up a few weeks.

Goodluck everyone may the force be with you!


Dear Loser
I can’t tell you how similar your description of gambling is to my ( probably all our) experience. It does feel like the only way to get the lift we are looking for is from a good old gambling session – food sort of comforts, but it doesn’t lift – alcohol takes you up, then brings you down – cigarettes keep you in a constant state of wanting . I can totally identify when you say you don’t know how you feel after the event …… I think this is part of the reason for doing it – to feel depleted, spent , done …..
For us, living in our own heads day to day is not easy – so maybe we need to be kind to ourselves? I think maybe for you setting a cut-off amount for the year is not a bad strategy – £10K for the year – if you have it to spend then it is your choice to spend it in this way – yours and no body else’s . The only problem is, if you can’t leave the casino until your balance is zero ( just like me), how are you going to set the 10K limit and stick to it? I suppose all I am saying is, you really don’t need to feel embarrassed – you are working at it, you are self-aware, you understand your own patterns and cycles – you are a really key part of this Forum and have great insight, and a cracking sense of humour – i can’t see that you are harming anyone in the process – just stick with it, don’t give up trying to find what works for you. All the best

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