Hi Everybody,
Day 9 for me (I think)


Hi Mat,

I hope you start feeling better soon and I’m sure the avoidance of a relapse will help. It sounds like the peace of mind and health benefits you were hoping to have with 15 days of a abstance has not been revealed…please hang in there I am sure you will see the benefits soon.

Work for me is an important part of my routine of life and it’s very busy at work which helps me focus on work and no day dreaming. Then unwinding at home is also important. Like others have said we need to focus on positive activities to keep our mind active and happy. I like jigsaws, watching movies, cinemas, eating out and spending time with the misses. Plus there are the mundane tasks but they serve a purpose too….tidying the home up, me doing the ironing, diy jobs, emptying the dishwasher….The purpose is that you can see result after the work and it’s a job off the list….It’s a positive achievement.

As you know relapses could aggravate your health so please do your best to abstain.



Jane its a long road to recovery, not really happy I do get those headaches and stomach problems all the time, I feel so stressed right now and anxious that feeling before the exam or gambling, 15 days seems not enough I used to gamble for so many years my mind is messed up, I just sit now and have no motivation to do anything just force myself to work. I need to get away from it all. You should get away too, sitting here and counting days plus constant pressure from debt reminders is very depressing and it can drive you crazy and make you relapse.
Gambling is just lies some gamble to make money and some to escape and thrill but it does opposite effect it will take everything you have and enslave your mind.


Mat, yes it is such a long road and sometimes it feels like going round in circles, especially when we mess up. It is hard to erase all the years of gambling, it affects your mind over time and changes your personality. People become dead inside and need to gamble more and more to feel okay again, but it just does the opposite as you say.
Happiness is a bit of a stretch, yes, but maybe we can just get by with being okay. I believe we will be happy again, Mat, so long as we leave gambling behind. Remember your promise to yourself, no more gambling. However bad you feel now, you will feel worse if you gamble again, even if you win. Please remember that, when you feel unsettled and lack motivation.
What you said the other day was good advice, when you get the urge, just distract yourself and go do something else, watch a movie, or get something to eat, or exercise. If we let the urge to gamble plant a seed in our brain, it grows and then we feed it with relapse.

15 days may not be a lot compared to how long you have gambled for, and how long you have gone without gambling in the past, but it is a good start. All good things start small, Mat and if you continue to save your hard earned money, and concentrate on feeling good inside, you will start to believe that it is possible to be happy again and you won’t want to mess that up. 15 days is also more than you have managed to go lately, so why throw that progress away. It is also good to see you actually counting the days and focusing on your recovery rather than your circumstances. I am guilty of dwelling on the negatives too, but trying to remain focused will help you stay positive.
Why gamble and risk losing a load more money, or winning and risk feeling crap again a week later when you lose it again. Don’t put yourself in that position where the industry can play you.

Gambling thrives on discontentment and negativity so try to remain positive. Just remember to measure how well you are doing, not by your days, but how you feel each day. Each day matters so don’t mess it up. All we have to do is wake up, keep busy, stay focused, and go to bed having not gambled. We do that for 7 days and we’ve gone a week, for 30 days and we’ve gone a month and we just keep going until we forget we ever had this sick addiction.

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