We oppose the further liberalisation of gambling in the UK - Rethink Gambling

We oppose the further liberalisation of gambling in the UK

We believe that the liberalisation of gambling, enabled by the Gambling Act 2005, combined with the absence of any challenge to the growth of the gambling industry, have had a negative effect on public health in the UK.

It appears irresponsible of government to pursue the growth of gambling when the true social costs of gambling may exceed the revenue from duty and taxation. The Gambling Commission, the current regulator, openly acknowledges the desirability of the growth of gambling industry profits:

“ We take a slightly different view… we already have a statutory aim to permit gambling, which is not really a million miles away from a growth duty anyway.

We are quite used to taking an interpretation that builds the desirability of growth into our action.”

Matthew Hill, Gambling Commission Director of Regulatory Risk and Analysis, in oral evidence taken before the Joint Committee on the Draft Deregulation Bill, Monday 21/10/2013.

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