John Myers

My son committed suicide because of his gambling addiction and I trying to get the government to change the law on gambling adverts with the help of my local MP. If you could assist me in any way I would be very grateful.

rosd hardy

Hi christine my name is ross and I went through the gordon moody programme, first thing he must do is accept he is powerless over his problem of gambling , until he acceots that its difficult for him to move forward, I am 28 went through private school education, when I was 17 I walked into a betting shop like your son I was neverto think that iI would end up addicted, its eleven years since I started and its been horrendous, ive got a criminal record, I have developed mental health issues from the fobt machined, im in debt, but I am deter mined to get my life back, it will take time, but I admit I have a problem, I went to Gordon moody best thingvi ever did, your son is.not a bad.person, the terrible things hes done, its not been an act if wickedness, its unfortunately a desperation to feed his habit, compulsive gamblers come from all walks id life, the rich, footballer s, general working class, it affects people the same, my llife has been a nightmare for years , but I want to build a life for myself now and I hope your son gets the suport he needs, it can be hard to face up to, don’t be ashamed if it, use it as a positive step to reaching out and getting your life back, hes 24 the whole life ahead, don’t waste it, you only live once


Hi, I’m trying to help someone acknowledge he has an addiction to gambling. He’s 24, currently on his 2nd (that we are aware of) downward spiral. Hid dad previously paid off all his debts & now has given up on his son. I know he needs therapy but he cannot acknowledge the problem. How can I help without heaping more pressure on his thin shoulders. Its heartbreaking.


This is a sad and scary story but at least something positive has come from it. I’m glad to hear he is sorting his life out.
Good Job we are really appreciate you from India


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